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I grew up in England, moving to New Zealand over twenty years ago, and now live in Rotorua, in the heart of the North Island.  I have always been driven to draw people, especially their faces, bringing personality to life on paper.  My two dogs, Quinn and Phoenix, have inspired me to also paint dogs and this has become another  area of my work. 

I enjoy painting in both watercolour and acrylic.  My watercolour work is portrait focused, where human, pet or wildlife.  I use acrylic for landscape and mural work, and really enjoy the flexibility that it gives for scaling up work  and impact.

With portraiture and mural prep, I work from my home studio, after researching and then sketching and taking photographs relevant to the paintings which I am working on. 

For commissioned work of specific people or animals, I request a number of photos to understand the subject and talk to the person commissioning the work so that I understand who I am painting through their  eyes.  Even if I know my  subject well, I will work from more than one photograph in order to capture the  details which make them who they are.

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