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A brand new world!

So we emerge with face masks, into a new type of alert level 4 or 2, depending on where you are in New Zealand. I am beginning to get used to reading people’s expressions from their eyes and have adjusted reasonably well to talking through cloth. I am also used to the new activity of mask making! Never did I ever…

Hopefully what it does mean is that we can keep ourselves and other people safer, and also get less colds and flu that we ever did before, which can’t be a bad thing. I can cope with a mask if I avoid getting a cold or worse!

In other news, my planning book has been the best way of getting my life in order whilst living a lockdown life. I have been achieving my day’s aims again. Sometimes I even add something that I’ve done even though it wasn’t on my list. It gives me a bonus sense of achievement!

I have also been comparing how I feel to last year’s experience. Back then I had a pretty good time at level 4 – introverts’ paradise, Level 3 was a perfect life – I could order anything online but could still hide away, and I found Level 2 really stressful. I was quite nervous about this new disease and also had had such a long time in isolation that I found it quite strange having to be sociable again.

This year, I’ve felt strangely connected to the world in comparison and found Level 3 quite frustrating – you could go into town but you couldn’t go into anywhere – I really wanted to browse fabrics for my business and go to my favourite coffee shop to work – it’s so easy to do paperwork and writing in a place where there are no distractions. I’m even looking forward to people…maybe I’m turning to an extrovert…maybe that’s a step too far!

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