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Just when I had rediscovered life and the joy of being sociable again, we go into lockdown! Did someone plan this because they thought that I had been having a bit too much coffee or enjoying interacting with others a tad more than I should have? Did they know that I had the final inspection on the house extension which will allow us to move out of the close to tent space which we have occupied for the last two years? Okay breathe and reset!

It’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself, isn’t it? I have genuinely thought all of those things in the past week. Okay, five days! But I also realised that it was time to stop thinking about the ‘what if’s and start thinking about the ‘now I have this opportunity I could…’s. So, I reorganised all of my creative resources, turned on the sewing machine and started making the masks that a friend had said could be a good idea, dragged out a device that I haven’t used forever and started making earrings and other things. Just playing with some things and seeing where they go.

But even with creative time, it still feels like a strange world. Nothing like waiting to see what’s going to happen…living by the next piece of news and then constructing a changing reality. So, I’m signing off as the next bulletin draws closer. I do hope that wherever you are, you are safe and well…and I do hope that life returns to “sign in and enjoy yourself” normal soon…

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