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Christmas goals

As we gallop through December, in much the same speed as the year seems to have flashed by, I am going through the usual wrapping up of activities. Tutoring always comes to an end as schools start their holidays and commissions, which had Christmas in mind, are completed as everyone’s minds turn to the more immediate actions of the impending event. For me, these are putting up a Christmas tree, buying food for the holiday season, and organizing and/or attending Christmas functions.

I know that a lot of people will continue working up to, and throughout, the Christmas period, and I want to say a huge thank you to all of you because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do over this time if it wasn’t for you. I also realise that you are probably trying to fulfill those Christmas activities whilst still being required to put effort into workplace duties.

Obviously, I have a self-employment take on Christmas. It’s lovely to be able to take time however this is also the time to plan ahead. It’s very easy when you work from home to not quite switch off for Christmas, or feel guilty if you do, unless you find a viable solution. Mine is a plan of action with an end date of 31 January, knowing that I have a piece of paper with a list of fruitful activities to achieve after a self-determined break.

The way that I go about it is to:

1. Make a list of 2020 achievements – these include commissions completed, background jobs achieved (such setting up website and an art-based Instagram), business connections made, and developments in my art

2. Develop 2020 achievements into 2021 goals, and add new activities as goals

3. Break the goals down into smaller steps

4. Make a January list of first steps to achieve

This sets me up for the year. If I get any of those things done in the next two weeks, or more likely do some research and prep work, then that’s fabulous but there is no pressure. After I've done that, I will write my personal 'to do by Christmas Day' list!!!

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