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Creativity unleashed!

Something unleashed my creative spirit this year. Well, I say that, and to be honest something gets me in a creative spin every year. I love what I do and I think that I focus well on following through on my weekly commitments but I do have a tendency towards ‘inquisitivity’ in my spare time. I note here that I looked this word up and it’s ‘under investigation’ …possibly by the creativity police!

So, where does inquisitivity get you? In my case, I needed a change from painting fulltime and have been giving fabric art ideas a go. So far this year, it has resulted in a re-sprung and re-upholstered chair, a new wardrobe of clothes, and handy items, including pencil cases, using parts of my old jeans.

Of course I love painting but investigating how far I can push myself in other creative fields means that I also really appreciate other people’s work when I look at it. I also feel that I develop a much better idea about the value of what I see around me. I look at chairs or couches and spend time deconstructing them in my mind. How did they get that corner to fit so well, or how did they solve design issues? I look at clothes and either think that I could make them easily or realise how much effort would have gone into what has been created. I have to admit though that I also spend too much time studying pencil cases at the moment!

My point is that we all benefit from a side project. It keeps our brain cells firing and motivates us to keep moving. I hope that you have one – I’d love to hear about it!

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