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Daily doings in lockdown

Second week of lockdown, and I’m in the creative flow even though I wish that there was somewhere to go.

I decided that, much as I have had the chance to get into creative endeavours, I needed more structure so that I felt like I was getting things done. There’s definitely a lot of potential milling around which happens with day after day of sameness.

My answer was to get out my small A5 notebook, which I use to be able to plan out my days and write/draw quick ideas down. It’s my daily checklist of stuff to do and I hadn’t been using it…no wonder I had been feeling a bit blah! So this week I started planning for what I was going to do. At the same time, I decided that I wouldn’t be hard on myself if I didn’t achieve some things that day. So, Monday became Monday/Tuesday if it needed to. That’s called be kind to yourself and, so I hear, it’s very important!

So, we are on the verge of a breakthrough to Alert Level 3. Thank goodness! I am really hoping that my ‘non-essential’ orders will arrive soon after and that my beautiful paintbrushes, which are currently in jail at my workplace, will be released! I will welcome them home and straight back to work on pieces which are burning to be painted.

Fingers crossed that the plans that I have for this week are able to be put into action, otherwise it will be time for new plan...

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