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It never rains...

I don’t know about you but just when I think that the dust has settled someone seems to shake the rug and turn a fan on! Not that I don’t like a bit of excitement when things look like they could get a bit tame but I also wonder whether this is true for everyone.

In the past week, I found out about two different creative opportunities and both hold a lot of promise. One part of me wants to dig a little hole and stick my head in it – apparently, by the way, ostriches don’t do this! – or deal with the craziness head on? How do you figure out what’s a good idea?

My personal solution, when too much is going on, is to think about doing pros and cons lists, think about writing in a journal to figure it out, think about going mad …and then sit down with one of your best friends and talk it out! Not sure if we solved all of the great mysteries of the world but there’s nothing like getting someone else’s perspective on your life. Apparently, I’m quite useful when she’s feeling the same way and that, I think, is the key. Other people’s concerns never concern you in the same way. You might care a lot for their welfare but you mostly don’t lie awake at night thinking through other people’s overloads unless it’s really rugged stuff. I can give other people great advice but I need their advice when the shoe is on the other foot.

Anyway, the final outcome is in the cooking pot after I took action and, as things move forward, I will expand on it. Now is the time to get back to my painting!

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