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January skills

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

So, this month my blogs were about creative skills. First about upskilling through random creative classes – learning widely more than deeply to create new inspirations and shake out cobwebs. Then identifying a skill which you want to refine or start from scratch, and how to break down that process – steps and goal setting. Finally, journaling to record your thoughts visually or through writing, to develop ideas and understand your motivations and progress.

If you didn’t do any of this in January there is nothing lost. Inspiration and motivation hits us at different times and this may not be your time. I read an Instagram post by a friend of mine a few days ago where she lamented her inaction so far this year. But, you see, creativity really isn’t about what you didn’t do. It’s about what you can do when you are ready.

The Instagram poster in question is a wonderful and unique artist. She is an amazing and chirpy go-getter, who works hard and praises other people’s efforts. Nothing is lost. We all need a break sometimes. What she did do was to get out a pencil and just draw what came out for 10 minutes. That’s back to your journal. Even if it takes you a week or a month to fill a page. Even if you put down “I have nothing to give today” and doodle a zero, an egg, a ball bouncing down the street, the moon in the night sky… The other trick is to look at other people’s art. On Instagram, on Pinterest, in town in an art gallery or a book store, sculptures on the street, murals on walls, tagging on a fence. What made them create that picture, that shape, use those colours, choose that medium? How were they feeling? Be inspired by others' inspirations and let your mind get into other people’s creativity.

What did I learn during January? Well, I felt a little disconnected from last year but now have some ideas about continuing where I left off and also developing a wider portfolio. Much of that was exactly from looking at other art and trying different things. All in good time.

And onto February…see you next week!!

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