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One good idea...

I remember reading a story in a book of fairy tales with morals attached when I was a child. I knew that that was the point of the stories but they did have an impact on me because they made me think about whether I agreed with the outcomes or whether I thought I could change them.

One story was about the domino effect of life, and I liked that theory. I agree that if you put your energy into ideas that you believe in then they will come to life. I also think that if you follow through on your ideas then they will create other new ideas and so on.

I find that as I create something, whether a painting or textile, I have to solve issues of how to do things the best or most effective way. Finding solutions takes me all over the internet, through books and conversations with friends. I enjoy seeing how other people find their answers and all of that information leads me to my own.

As a child though, I was always able to use paper and pencil to figure out a design idea that I had. I could then try things out in 3D with scissors and sellotape. It's exciting, as an adult, to be able to satisfy your creative whims though. If I think that I should have a go at making earrings or face masks or bags then I have the ability to just try that out. However, the limitations of childhood were a good learning platform for playing with ideas with the resources which I had and I often do try things out on and with paper before I get to the next stage.

Along the way, I also gather thoughts of what else I can experiment with and so the process begins again. I would definitely describe my journey through life as a domino game, and long may that continue!

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