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One step at a time...

After last week’s blog, I settled back into my usual weekly routine of going out only when I had to! I did manage another coffee social outing with a friend at The Arts Village, which was a good start. I decided that it’s all very well thinking that you should change your life until the moment when you’ve promised that you’ll change.

However, it really was a case of one step at a time. While I was drinking coffee, I heard about a new exhibition opening in The Art Village itself on Friday evening. Although I couldn’t make the opening, I added it to my list for Saturday.

On Saturday, I drove into town and walked into the exhibition space. A huge weight suddenly lifted itself off my shoulders. The first couple of artworks were fabulous. One made me laugh, and the other one was by a friend and was beautifully painted. They were also very appropriately about the life experiences of artists following lockdown – the very reason I was there, trying to do outside life! Funny how a couple of years ago it would not have made the same sense and yet now every piece spoke to me.

Gallery at The Arts Village, Rotorua

After the first couple of paintings, I spotted one of the artists ahead of me. I called out and, when I’d caught up, I asked where her work was. We went over to look at it and had a conversation which really made the exhibition experience special. I described what I felt when I looked at her work and got to hear firsthand about why she painted it. That’s a pretty special moment, being told a story by the artist as you stand in front of their artwork and so good when you hear that you have understood the message. One moment which I certainly would not have got sitting at home on my computer.

I’m looking forward to my next outing now!

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