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Another thought that occurred to me this week as restrictions ease is about how we feel about the places which we inhabit day in and day out. That could mean your house. Probably a specific room where you spend most of your time. Or it could be your home office or studio. The colours and contents of these spaces contribute to how we feel about them. Are they relaxing, invigorating, dominated by decoration that someone else chose? Are they tidy, full to the brim with bits, or do they vary enormously depending on how life is and whether you have had a week or a month where you walk in and throw things down?!

On the tidiness front, I am definitely on the variable front. We are still living in a much reduced space after we pulled an old area of the house down and started building our extension. I don’t feel very house proud at the moment although I have a clear out every couple of weeks and make sure that I know where everything important is. There is storage galore in the new area which is going to be fabulous!

I was discussing the colour of what will become our new bedroom with my husband the other day. We both agreed on a beautifully uplifting shade of blue and I imagined how that would feel when we have everything in place and the phenomenal clutter of living in a half house is over! This is all hopefully only a couple of months away now and I cannot wait. The joy of living in a place that you positively run home for…

In a world when we don’t know if we will have restrictions of where we can go and who we can see, it definitely seems like a good plan to make our home spaces feel exciting and new.

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