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At the chalkface...

I found another new thing out about myself this week. Apparently I have got no problems with working on my art in public! I tend to paint alone in my studio, and that is lovely because I can make mistakes and deal with them without onlookers. A private mistake is a one you can deal with a lot better. Being asked to produce artwork on street walls sounds like a great idea – thank you for asking me because I feel very flattered - but there is a different level of exposure and you really want to do a job that you feel happy with.

So this week, I spent four days in front of ‘everyone’ doing just that. It didn’t occur to me until quite late on the first day that I had found my groove without a dodgy line in sight! I just walked up to the walls, scribbled some charcoal on it to figure out the size and shape of my first piece of art and it just carried on. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide whether they like your work and everyone has their own style but it is the confidence which allows you to express yourself creatively to the fullest of your ability and this week it worked!

I can be heard time and time again telling students that they have to enjoy their own work as well as appreciating that of others. If you get on and do your work with confidence, you will get better feedback from other people and that will propel you forward to the next great outpouring of whatever you do. Be that visual art, music, drama or dance. I say it and this week I proved it to myself.

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