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Back to business

Back in level 2 and back to my indoor market space three days a week. Great for those rainy days and a friendly little hub of activity with my fellow marketeers. I was a bit concerned that people may have forgotten about us or could see the door as a bit of a barrier, and went back in after a quiet start last week wondering what this one would hold.

My lovely next door neighbour was back in for her first day and it turns out that I was not the only one who had sparks of innovation during lockdown. She set up a new area of her stall and chatted with me as I figured out how I was going to display the extra ideas which I had created. Earrings, masks, mask pouches…where was it all going to go?! It took me an hour to sort out the space and then a flow of people continued for the whole day. It was a lovely day back – visitors all seemed to respect the space and mask rules and yet seemed far more relaxed than last year.

It occurs to me that people really do adapt to new ways of being. We can find new ways of coping with new situations in really positive ways. The past year and a half has been the first time that we have all found ourselves dealing with such a common issue. I notice as I walk through town to work or stop in a café or go to the supermarket that most people seem to be smiling at each other (with their eyes) – I think that it’s that feeling of “We’re all in this together!” It’s also really interesting seeing the variety of masks that people are wearing. It seems like the new fashion item!

Anyway, it really feels – despite my concerns – that business is good and people are getting out and about in what feels like a new normal. Kia kaha (be strong) my fellow humans – we will get there!

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